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The Madison Baseball program participate in fall, winter, and summer training.

Fall training 


Winter training will be held each Sunday starting mid January through the start of the season. This year's winter training will be held at Center Court, a 32,400 sq. ft. training facility in Morristown under the direction of Lou Clemente.  Click here for more information    



Summer training Consists of HSLD games and 4 weeks of training, Mid June through July. The goal of our summer program is simple - player development of individual skills and the enhancement of our High School program. This summer our program will participate in the HSDL, approx. 8-10 games. Players are asked to attend as many practices and games as possible during the summer session.  Incoming Freshman  are asked to participate in the summer program as well but do not have a game schedule. 

Our summer training is not sanctioned by the Madison High School Athletic Department or Administration. Cost associated with our summer program cover insurance, fees, and all operating costs.  


Participation in these programs do not guarantee roster spots in the spring.

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